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VitalHub Announces First Sale of WellLinc Blockchain Solution

TORONTO, May 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — VitalHub Corp. (the “Company” or “VitalHub”) (TSXV:VHI) is pleased to announce the first sale of WellLinc, the Company’s proprietary Blockchain Electronic Health Record (“EHR”) interoperability solution. WellLinc has been licensed by Bluewater Health and the Canadian Mental Health Association of Lambton-Kent (“CMHA LK”).

Upon the successful implementation of the WellLinc Blockchain as a Service (“BaaS”) offering, both organizations will license the solution, which provides mental health and long-term care organizations with access to a secured, distributed client record that enables the interoperable exchange of critical patient health data across the continuum of care. VitalHub’s WellLinc solution is built utilizing the Hyperledger Fabric technology to support full interoperability that is not limited to read-only access to data. WellLinc allows organizations that update a client record in one node to automatically record that transaction and update it across all other trusted nodes.

Ernst & Young LLP (“EY Canada”) Health practice is collaborating with VitalHub on this project, and is exploring an outcomes-based ROI analysis of the impact of WellLinc, that will be used to support design decisions as the Company rolls-out and further expands the WellLinc solution into new geographies.

WellLinc’s infrastructure is easily and readily expandable to Local Health Integration Networks (“LHINs”) across Ontario, and more broadly for regional mental health programs across Canada.

VitalHub’s goal is to demonstrate the significant cost-savings and improved quality and coordination of care associated with the use of WellLinc, and to scale the adoption of this solution internationally to improve mental health and addictions services.

“Our decision to license WellLinc in partnership with Bluewater Health was made because of our desire to improve the services that we provide to our clients in the community. WellLinc will provide our care providers with a longitudinal view of their clients’ record, which includes assessment information about the services they’ve received in the hospital when in crisis. Access to this information will enable us to better plan care in the community to avoid future crisis interventions,” said Alan Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer CMHA LK.

“We are excited to roll out VitalHub’s WellLinc interoperability solution, as we believe it will achieve a provincial objective of a coordinated access system, that will reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, thereby freeing up resources in an already-overcrowded health system,” said Paula Reaume-Zimmer, Integrated Vice President, Mental Health & Addictions Services of Bluewater Health and CMHA LK. “We believe having a shared, interoperable mental health record system will greatly enhance our ability to provide high quality and a more cost-effective process, allowing us to reinvest existing resources in direct patient care.”

“The rise in mental health awareness across Canada and the Western world has created an impetus to focus more closely on the delivery and quality of care of mental health patients,” said Aaron Smith, Atlantic and Ontario Healthcare Market Lead for EY Canada’s Health practice. “As increased resources are needed to address this need, tools such as VitalHub’s WellLinc will become more and more valuable to promote cost-efficiencies, and optimize the flow of essential patient health data in an integrated manner across the continuum of care.”

“WellLinc is the first fully interoperable mental health specific Blockchain solution that we are aware of, globally,” said Dan Matlow, CEO of VitalHub. “Our goal is to prove WellLinc’s value using the Bluewater-CMHA LK implementation, and then continue in our efforts to expand the platform globally. We believe WellLinc has tremendous capability, and that its potential applications are immense.”

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