Since 1998, First Canadian Capital Corp. has provided corporate communications, investor relations and market awareness services to micro-cap, small cap and mid-cap public companies listed on North American stock exchanges. In 14 years of business, we have developed an extensive database of financial professionals that know us well, and that consistently provide our clients with a highly qualified audience. FCC uses a hands-on approach with its network, assertively and individually making contact with each investor that we anticipate may have an interest in a particular client.

Through warm and cold phone calling, emailing, face to face meetings, broker luncheons and investment group presentations, we ensure that a client’s story is widely distributed. We do this by proliferating the message at every opportunity, and through all means at our disposal. Essentially, FCC’s program generates for our clients a large and avid investor following in an extremely efficient and time-effective manner.

Why Choose Us?

  • Face to face meetings

    Targeted face to face meetings for management with brokers, private investors, fund managers and sector analysts at top tier Canadian brokerages and institutions.

  • Mass Distribution

    FCC possesses a vast proprietary database to which we distribute all client news and updates. The database includes thousands of financial professional and private investors.

  • Assertive Outreach

    FCC is not passive in our approach to Marketing. With thousands of companies competing for investor’s attention, we make it a priority to initiate contact with prospective shareholders, rather than wait for the phone to ring.

  • Client Representation

    As a client of FCC, you will have a minimum of two individuals servicing your company within our firm. There will always be someone in our office to receive and make calls on your behalf.

  • Tailored Programs

    We are flexible in our offerings and have the ability and diversity of network to focus on specific groups within the investment community at your request. At anytime within an FCC marketing program, we can target a specific part of our network: brokers/analysts; retail/institutional; private equity/media or all of the above.

  • Project Tours

    FCC has organized many success property tours and can plan property tours and can secure qualified attendees for your next site visit. Past tours of client projects have taken place in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, the United States, Mexico, Zambia, Ecuador and Bolivia. These field trips were attended by analysts, fund managers, bankers and major investors from FCC’s network.

  • Group Presentations and Luncheons

    FCC has organized many downtown luncheons for its clients, attended by up to 100 members of the financial community.

  • IR Financing Focus

    Since 2005, introductions through FCC have led to our clients closing over $500 million in financing.

  • Newsletter Coverage

    FCC has relationships with many newsletter writers and regularly introduces our clients’ stories to that audience.

  • Media Coverage

    FCC has arranged for articles on our clients to be written and published in Resource World, Investor’s Digest, Northern Miner, The Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette and other publications. Media efforts have also resulted in numerous client interviews on ROB-TV, 680 News and CityPulse-24.

On the whole, First Canadian’s IR program has consistently provided quantifiable results for our clients, including: published reports from mainstream analysts, institutional market participation, improved liquidity, closed financings, high profile media coverage, letter writer advocacy, and a substantial increase in awareness within all facets of the global investment community.