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MOBI724 Global Solutions Launches First Commercial Operations in Panama With a Leading Local Bank

MONTREAL, June 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MOBI724 Global Solutions Inc. (“MOBI724” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:MOS) (OTC QB:MOBIF), a global Fintech company offering a fully integrated suite of multiple EMV payment, Card-Linked, Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence Solutions, today announced that it has launched its first commercial operation in Panama, with a leading local financial institution, implementing its Card-Linked Offers Solution.

MOBI724 has launched its Card-Linked Offers Solution (the “CLO Solution”) with a first bank in Panama, where cardholders will be able to redeem offers, coupons and campaigns instantly and directly at the point of sale, using their credit cards and in a seamless process both for the cardholder and the retailer, and where cardholders will receive a real-time campaign notification on their mobile devices at the time of the redemption transaction. The CLO Solution has been implemented using the Visa Offers Platform (“VOP”) to identify and match qualified transactions in real time.

Marcel Vienneau, CEO of MOBI724, said, “This is a great milestone for the Company, as we launch our first bank in Central America using the VOP. It will be the first Card-Linked Offer Solution launched in the region, and it represents only the first of many initiatives we are currently working on in the region.”

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