Nothing is more important to us than our clients and meeting their expectations. First Canadian Capital believes in establishing long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships that progress and mature in conjunction with the corporate development of our client. By delivering on our promises, we enjoy partnerships which have endured through robust and sluggish market cycles.

We also place a high importance on visiting our clients’ facilities and projects, which enhances our conception of the investment opportunity and allows us to articulate it in a concise manner to our network.

First Canadian Capital Clients


Blocplay Entertainment Inc. (CNSX: PLAY)

Durango Resources Inc. (TSXV: DGO)

Intouch Insight (TSXV: INX)

LeoNovus (TSXV: LTV)

MOBI724 Global Solutions (TSXV: MOS)

VitalHub Corp. (TSXV: VHI)